I'm Olin.

I design and develop desktop and web applications

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I’m a German-American professional designer, programmer, and exhibit developer living in Houston, Texas.

I love exploring new places and tackling new projects. I’ve worked for after school robotics programs in Houston and volunteer at a local animal shelter in my free time. I like jamming out to electric pop, and anything with deep, rhythmic baselines is perfect if I’m in the zone trying to get work done on a project. My brain is always working on my next idea, often far fetched and ambitious, but I know when to stop dreaming and focus on putting out a design or some code.

I make it a point to communicate my ideas and workflow effectively so everyone starts on the same page. An accurate spec is where all excellent user experiences begin.

I prototype and build applications with Adobe Animate and AS3 with JSON to hold content, and am well versed with HTML and JavaScript. Several of my projects have also involved Unity, C#, HTML, and XML.

Wireframe sketches are a second language to me. Considering the most intuitive approach is my primary concern when designing. Simplicity in UI is a virtue I try to practice whenever I can.

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