Castle Map

Medieval Knights Hall  (2017)


  • Adobe Air, Adobe Flash, Actionscript, JSON, C#, Player IO
  • Set up a server and website for volunteers to submit data entries
  • Designed and programmed an interactive map that plots points and allows navigation through time using a slider
  • Implemented special, interactive points with additional content
  • Worked closely with docent volunteers, architects, curators, and graphic designers

There’s always a crowd in front of this exhibit – eager to hear the curator and docents explain how types of castles spread through Europe, and why they did.

While working as a contractor for the Houston Museum of Natural Science on the Medieval Knights Hall, I collaborated with docents and the curator of anthropology to create a large scale map of castles in Europe. I set up a server to collect data which was researched by docent volunteers to submit castle names, coordinates, and other details.

A 55″ Dell touch monitor allows users scrub through history on a dynamic map of Europe. Researched castle points appear on the year of their construction with different icons representing different types of castles. Several points of interests are interactive and upon being tapped present more information in the form of text and images about a certain castle.