Death Calculator

Death by Natural Causes Exhibition (2018)


  • Adobe Air, Actionscript, JSON
  • Designed and programmed a card-swiping quiz game
  • Worked closely with curators

The touch monitor is mounted in front of a crystal ball with a cell phone screen placed behind it. When a user completes a quiz, a smoke cloud video is played on the second screen and the number of years they have left “poofs” into existence in the ball. It’s a really neat effect I had the pleasure of helping create with the engineering staff within the museum’s exhibits department.

While working as a contractor for the Houston Museum of Natural Science on the Death by Natural Causes Exhibition, I developed an intuitive quiz application to allow users to view how their life choices affect their lifespan.

A 32″ ELO touch monitor invites users to tap, drag, and swipe their way through a card-based quiz to find out how many years they have left in their lives.