Hydrocarbon Information Center

Wiess Energy Hall (2015 – 2017)


  • Adobe Air, Actionscript
  • Adapted real, raw data and displayed it on a stylized world map
  • Designed and programmed a map interface and content screen to display data to reflect world hydrocarbon reserves​
  • Worked closely with experts in the field, writers, and analysts

Country flags can be toggled and act as a separate touch area to select a country on the map. I implemented this after realizing people were having difficulty tapping smaller countries on the 22″ touch monitor – which was downsized during the development process from a larger, 42″, monitor.

Working for Paul Bernhard Exhibit Design and Consulting on the Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, I put together a “Hydrocarbon Information Center” application – a static map generated from Wood Mackenzie data.

A 22″ ELO touch monitor allows users to select different map layers from a simple interface in the bottom left of the screen. Tapping a country opens a detailed panel with resource percentages and a larger view of the country on both the touch monitor and a large projected image on a curved screen.