Medieval Career Quiz

Medieval Knights Hall (2017)


  • Adobe Air, Actionscript
  • Programmed an informative panel and quiz
  • Worked closely with architects, curators, and graphic designers

When the user selects the “What would you be?” button on the bottom of the home panel, they are prompted with three unique Yes/No questions loaded at random. Questions do not have an impact on the outcome of the career quiz, which is intended to demonstrate the lack of upwards mobility in the Middle Ages, and that people were generally stuck with the career path they were born into.

While working as a contractor for the Houston Museum of Natural Science on the Medieval Knights Hall, I designed and developed a career quiz that places users (randomly) into careers they could have had in the European Middle Ages.

A home panel shows an interactive feudal pyramid infographic with category specific careers shown on the right. Professionally curated content is displayed prominently on the page and a large, inviting button to the quiz pulses at the bottom of the screen.