Watchdog Software

Wiess Energy Hall (2018)


  • Adobe Air, Actionscript, JSON
  • Designed and programmed a watchdog application to monitor networked programs and execute remote commands
  • Worked with maintenance staff to determine the feature set

This software proved crucial in the opening months of the Wiess Energy Hall as some applications had memory leaks and needed to be monitored, as well as coping with Windows updates that allowed visitors to initially access computer desktop environments.

The Watchdog successfully solved the problems we ran into on a large scale, and was especially useful due to its self-updating nature, allowing more features to be added as unforseen problems arose.

The Watchdog Monitoring Software I developed while working for Paul Bernhard Exhibit Design and Consulting is a versatile server/client package that runs on applications in the Wiess Energy Hall with the purpose of monitoring their memory usage, downtime, and CPU heat, while also allowing direct and schedule commands to be sent from a server nicknamed the “Doghouse”.