Energy Career Quiz

Wiess Energy Hall (2015 – 2017)


  • Adobe Air, Actionscript, JSON
  • Designed and programmed an interactive quiz​
  • Worked closely with writers, graphic designers, and illustrators

Quiz data is stored in a JSON file in the backend, and averages are displayed to the user upon completion of the quiz. J0B5 is presented in different costumes in the “Career Board” section of the application and performs some basic animations like waving and stretching to make the app more lively.

Working for Paul Bernhard Exhibit Design and Consulting on the Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, I put together a career quiz application that places users into a number of energy-related careers based on a series of prompts.

A 42″ ELO touch monitor shows a landing page with a robot “Jay-Oh-Bee-Five” or J0B5 encouraging the user to press a button “Begin”.

In the application’s the home screen, a user can either choose to take the quiz or to view the possible career paths they could end up with.