Renewable Energy Kiosks

The Renewable Energy Kiosks consist of a set of eight interactive touch screen kiosks with content related to renewable energy production.

A 42″ ELO touch monitor allows users to select from two categories: “Explore” to access an article about the topic, assorted video content, and an integrated glossary, and “Gallery” to display an interactive, responsive gallery containing anywhere from 6 to 24 images (arranged dynamically in the grid).

In addition to Wind, Solar, Ocean, Biomass, Fusion, and Geothermal energy sources being addressed, a Storage application in the same vein and a Hub application are also present.

The Hub application acts as a central node to which all the applications are networked to, allowing it to send and receive relevant information. The Hub is also connected to a series of projectors that work together to cast different lighting effects on the cabinetry.

In the center of each application’s home screen is a large button with distinct iconography (eg. a sun for solar energy, a branch for biomass). When this button is pressed, “energy particles” move in an arcing pattern into an identical icon elsewhere on the screen to indicate that the application has been “powered on”.

As applications are powered on or off, the Hub is updated to reflect the power state of the exhibit. Once a certain power level has been reached (by “powering on” all the renewable applications), a light show is triggered from the Hub.

All applications update their respective content automatically to the newest version from a Dropbox repository using direct links.

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